Making Beautiful Music

There’s no sound quite like the hauntingly sweet lullabye that a Kalimba makes. And it’s one of the easiest instruments to learn. Join us, let’s make beautiful music together.

TRy Something New & Different

Thousands of people are discovering this uniquely awesome instrument and how easy it is to just pick up and play. 

Give it a try… we know you’ll love it.

Playability Level Easy
Cost Super Affordable
Ages 5 – 105
Sound Sweet & Angelic


Press the play button below to hear the beautiful music that the Kalimba can produce.

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All of our Kalimbas are handmade from high quality, durable materials.

Hardwood Box

Our Kalimba boxes are made from top quality mahogany hardwood.

Steel Keys

Each Kalimba has highly durable steel keys that create amazing sound.


Each Kalimba comes with a full set of accessories with everything you need.


Our website has many learning and how-to resources.

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A Special Gift

If you’re looking for that uniquely individual gift for that special someone in your life then look no further. Kalimbas make the most fantastic gifts that will be forever loved and treasured.

Have a listen to these songs played on Kalimba...


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