Shipping and delivery

Kalimba Dream is proud to offer free shipping worldwide to over 200 countries. We want to share our passion and love of Kalimba music to the whole world!

Our customers, our fellow music makers, are so important to us and it is important that we provide the best customer service and value. We strive to continue providing excellence and meeting our customers’ needs all over the world.

How do you ship packages?

We ship from our warehouses in China by ePacket or EMS, in Australia by Australia Post, in USA by USPS and in all other countries by their local postal services.

ePacket is an international shipping option offered by third-party logistics providers. It allows merchants to provide a fast and reliable international shipping option for light packages, and includes full tracking.

Do you ship worldwide?

Kalimba Dream is proud to offer shipping worldwide to over 200 countries. However, occasionally there are some locations we may be unable to ship to for logistical reasons. If you happen to be from one of those countries we will contact you immediately to cancel and refund your order.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies by where you are in the world. Please see below for our estimated shipping times.

We have been over-cautious when providing these estimates… Much of the time your order will be delivered faster than these estimates suggest.

Location*Estimated Shipping Time
United States8-28 days
Australia, New Zealand8-28 days
Canada, Europe8-28 days
Central & South America15-28 days
Asia8-20 days
Africa15-45 days

*This doesn’t include our 2-5 day processing time. 

Do you provide tracking information?

Yes, you will receive an email when your order is shipped and it will contain tracking information for you to track your package. If you haven’t received tracking info within 5 days, please contact us.

My tracking says “no information available at the moment”.

Sometimes it takes a shipping carrier 2-5 business days for the tracking to initially appear in their system, even though your package is already on it’s way to you. So please continue to check back regularly to see if your tracking information has become available. Please contact us if your tracking page still has not updated 5 days after receiving your shipping notification.

Will my items be sent in one package?

In some cases, due to logistical reasons, items in your order may be shipped in separate packages. In this case you will receive multiple tracking numbers.

What about customs?

Kalimba Dream is not responsible for any customs fees you may be charged on the products you have purchased through our website. By purchasing from Kalimba Dream you consent that one or more packages will be shipped to you from an overseas warehouse and may incur customs fees when they arrive in your country.

Order cancellation

We aim to process your order as quickly as we can, so that you can receive it sooner.

If you need to change or cancel your order you will need to get in touch with us as soon as possible, before we ship your order out. The quickest way to get hold of us is by contacting us here and selecting the “Orders & Billing” option. This will ensure that your message is delivered promptly and to the correct team member.

Please ensure to include your order number and to let us know, in detail, what changes need to be made.

We will then let you know, as quickly as we can, whether or not we have been able to accommodate your change or cancel request.

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